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Our flagship show, The Gonzo Radio Show began in a home studio in 2009. The show had all the mayhem of a Morning Zoo radio show with a chaotic visual element that seemed to attract a certain demographic. The NSFW feel registered with it’s late night crowd until 2011.

After a succession of podcast/streaming radio gigs we began shoot video exclusively in 2015.

The show veered toward a more polished studio look & feel producing shorts and sketches along with a more scripted feel for the next 2 years. Celebrity interviews and slick production ensued.
Then we went back to basics.

South Florida has always been a hotbed of entertainment. We’ve been proud to introduce them to our audience and the world by subjecting them to The 7 Deadly Questions and including them in commentary on some of our segments. Get to know the person behind the talented actors, musicians, comics, and adult entertainers.

The newly formed network has grown rapidly, recently adding shows like The Gonzo Radio Sports Desk, The Sunday Sesh, and The Soapbox(coming soon). Our goal is to bring VALUE to your entertainment. More of stuff that interests you, surprises you, and maybe even shocks you.

It’s going to get FUN!

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